Our next Official
Group 10 Author Book Launch
is Coming!

Book Launch Event:
Friday, 12th February, 7pm-10pm
Pancake Parlour - 550 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster

Join us for the next official Ultimate 48Hour Author Group Book Launch - 10 Books being Lauched at the same time!

We are pleased to announce the next book launch - come and meet our latest author's!

  • Great Networking opportunity - expecting and limited to 100!
  • Includes a free drink on arrival and finger food throughout
  • PLUS, Take Home your very own copy of one of the 10 books (Your Favourite) we will be launching on the night! 
  • All this is valued at over $100.  Tickets are Just $30. 

My experience has been fantastic, I just finished my book.
I do believe that everyone has a book inside themselves, so just give it a go and try!

- Valentina Bonatti , Author of Powerful Change

Our 10 Wonderful Authors

Ruth Cyster – Stuettgen

From Misery to Mastery - Journey to Freedom and Empowerment

Be inspired to discover your purpose in Life. Realize that you are every bit as worthy to face and get over the hurdles. Ruth dares you to discover the WOW-Factor deep within you by applying the simple tools she so generously shares.
Be prepared to go through truckloads of STUFF to get to that sweet spot in your life. Empower yourself to stand out and take the road less travelled.

Above all, be okay with your own journey and know that the strategies Ruth shares with you in her book can move you towards mastering your life, just as she has mastered hers. You can find a new lease on life by trusting, forgiving and loving yourself unconditionally. Seek out that burning desire within and create a new You, at peace and in perfect balance with yourself – free and happy as we all must be.

Shimi Ambrose 

Controlled Strength.
Fast track to getting upside down and moving effortlessly through space

Have you been trying to perform inversions and arm balances to no avail? Do you constantly find yourself scrolling down your social media feed watching yogis all over the world flowing effortlessly on their hands and yearn to do the same? Maybe you see it as something so far fetched, you keep telling yourself,  That will never be me! It most definitely can be you. 

Inversions and arm balances are very much about foundational techniques – techniques that are not widely taught these days. The Controlled Strength method breaks down these techniques into stages to help you understand your bodily movements better to eventually take flight.Having experienced the struggles of gaining control over the inverted body, Shimi Nadaraja – E-RYT 500 certified Yoga Coach – knows inversions and arm balances require spot-on guidance.

In Controlled Strength, she reveals specific techniques that have helped various clients of different practice levels progress rapidly (and safely), most often within the matter of months.The Controlled Strength Method: Book 1 aims to take your practice to the next level by providing you with the tools to understand the capabilities of your body to eventually find lightness through movement in space.

Ailsa Page 

The Year I Owned A Wine Shop.
How To Build A Great Business By Learning From Others’ Mistakes.

Have you always wanted to run a successful business, have an endless supply of customers waiting at your door and enjoy yourself at the same time? But it hasn’t worked out quite like that? Or perhaps you are already in your business and have just hit a wall and you are wondering if this is as good as it gets? Well, you can have all of that and more! Ailsa will show you the formula to be like the best businesses out there and experience the true joy of being a successful business owner.

In this book Ailsa Page reveals her simple system that can turn your business from good to great. 
Ailsa shares the biggest business learnings she gained during one of the most transformative years of her life – the year she owned a wine shop with her sister. And step by step, you learn how you can do what you love, in a great business, with a steady stream of fantastic customers.  For 20 years Ailsa has worked with business owners around Australia  helping them have that for themselves. Now you can have it too.  

Improve your business performance, have more fun and learn the easy way to succeed, learning from the mistakes others have made. 

But be warned! If you don’t already have a business, reading this book may infect you with enthusiasm to start one!  In this book you will find the know-how, steps and actions that can turn your business from good to great.

Build a business that you love.
Attract customers to you.
Enjoy your life more!

Julie White

Boobs, Bras & Beyond

When it came to boobs, unlike her peers at school that had Buckleys and Nunn, Julie had more ‘front’ than Myer….

Boobs bras and beyond reveals all of the hilarious ups and downs and the ins and the outs of frontal support. Julie takes you on a journey which is made up of her many trials and tribulations in a quest to successfully live with big boobs. Growing breasts is many a young girls dream but when those same breasts forget to stop growing and turn from sweet buds into something that more closely resembles oversized watermelons, they quickly turned Julie’s long held fantasy of getting a bra into her worst nightmare.

When Julie’s first AA bras quickly expanded and became EE mountains in the short space of a year, she quickly knew she was going to have problems. The cute pretty bras of youth were replaced with the over the shoulder boulder holders of the old. The school yard that was once her domain turned into a field of torment with bullies coming out of the woodwork to tease and taunt her. The burdens of large boobage grew in number, much like her cup size. Shopping went from sheer heaven to sheer hell. Exercise was something to be done with caution if one didn’t wanted a bruised chin or black eyes from ‘the bounce’ and seeing one’s own feet became a mere memory from the past. And then there was the pain factor, the back, neck and the shoulders, wires that poked and rashes that scratched.

Life went on and so did Julie, there had been many tears but there became much more laughter. Her feelings of resentment had turned to the joys of resolve as she learnt to live with her big breasts better and then later a sense of relief when she said goodbye to her bust of old. Boobs Bras and Beyond is more than just Julie’s story, it is a how to, with tips and tricks of bra and boob support and care.

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

Be Self-Centred

Have you ever dreamed of having the sort of confidence that radiates from within…but not known how to go about finding the girl inside?

Do you feel : 
- deeply critical of yourself?
- constantly tired?
- that you have lost sight of who you are and what you want?
- lost in your emotions and angry all the time?
- that you struggle with boundaries?
-  Chaotic?

Be Self Centred – Find the girl inside will reconnect you with what it means to be you physically, spiritually and emotionally.  This book is a combination of Elizabeth’s personal journey, and knowledge gained through studying both psychology and health.  Be Self Centred is loaded with ideas to help you find your girl inside.

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones is  a psychologist and health coach, and has worked as a relationships counsellor for Relationships Australia and Relate in England.  She now counsels from her private practice located in Malvern, South Eastern Melbourne, where she focusses on working with women on relationships, personal development, health and wellness with a holistic focus.

Francesca Moi 

Follow Me - ShutUp And Build Your Network 

Starting her Entrepreneurial journey in Australia, Italian born Francesca Moi quickly realised that her business success would lie in her Network. From 0 Members and with no friends or family in Australia Francesca grew a community of over 10,000 people in her target market in only a few short months.
Very quickly she was generating a very large passive income for herself and for her client's workshops and training programs from her own networking events. In only 12 months she created a 6 Figure Business and in this book she shares her secrets about building and monetising a massive following and how you can do it too!
In this fresh and powerful book, Francesca Moi reveals her successful formula around getting a massive following and how to create a huge network in only 12 months and how she overcame obstacles others believe are insurmountable.
With actionable steps and real life examples, Francesca’s strategy will see you be able to grow your own following and begin your own path to business success. Whether you want to become a person of influence, or just build your tribe, Follow Me will be the must read book of the year.

Christine Stow

Mother, Carer And Advocate For Children With Disabilities.

Christine began advocating for parents, carers and people with disabilities when she found something wrong with her daughter. 

She is a staunch advocate across the sector.  She has been invited to speak to CEO's, Health Service providers, carers, disability organisations and MP's about how they could provide better services.   

People listen.  After working as regional coordinator for a disability service, Christine stood in the state election on disability issues. Prior to having her children, Christine studied for a Bachelor of Science and worked in Laboratories including Forensic Science in Melbourne. She moved into Scientific, Medical and Biopharmaceutical sales which she says helped her understand medical terminology associated with her daughter’s condition. She completed a Masters of  Business Administration specialising in Technology Management as a single parent while working part time. In 2014 she was elected to Local Council which she says is a great honour. 

Now she says she can speak at the "big table", where the decisions are being made and represent the people and issues she is passionate about. “People know what I am there for- carers and people with disabilities”, she says; “It means our voices are being heard”.

Glenda Nicholls 

Complete Money Freedom - 12 Key Conversations About Money

Glenda is the founder of Money Success System which offers a series of online programs combined with Glenda’s coaching that educate and coach financial freedom seekers to become savvy money managers and investors.  

Glenda is a successful investor who set a Net Worth Target in her late twenties that would create financial independence (not having to work) by age 55.  She reached this target 10 years early and now shows others how to do what she did.

Glenda’s mission is to empower and educate people to live their best life. This is where they love what they do every day, know how to create and activate a vision for their future, and money is easily made and managed so that it enables rather than restricts them.

Her new book,  ”Complete Money Freedom“ introduces readers to key principles of how money works, and importantly, key principles of how money psychology works, and through the conversations the reader learns how to reset their thinking and being, to move towards a greater level of financial empowerment.

Mell Balment

What Women Really Want.
A man's ultimate guide to the secrets of why you struggle with women.

It’s true, men struggle to understand women...

It’s an age-old problem that has spawned many books, workshops, TV shows, movies and even the odd argument. You see, women are considered to be ‘complex’ but really it’s just hormones and brain wiring that is completely different.

We’re not complex, we’re just not the same as you. When you grasp the differences everything becomes easy! Whether you’re a single man looking for some companionship or a long-term girlfriend, or in a committed relationship What Women Really Want will truly help you build your connections with women.

As a highly skilled mentor and coach, Mell Balment’s aim is to help her fellow sisters out by showing men not only what women want, but also how to do it. These practical insights will transform your perceptions, pre-conceived ideas, judgments and misunderstandings of women. Most important of all, you’ll be able to get clear and stay true to what you want from your own life and romantic relationships along the way.

Natasa Denman

Ultimate 48 Hour Author

Have you always wanted to write a book and didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you see it as this gigantic mountain of a project to complete and that’s always being put in the ‘too hard’ basket? It doesn’t have to be that way. Writing books is meant to be fun, easy and super rewarding.

In this book, Natasa Denman reveals her successful system around getting your book written in just 48 hours! She has done it a few times now, helped many others do it for themselves and now you can do it too. Read the strategies and system you need to follow, all in a step by step format to have the success you truly deserve.

Change the face of your business, increase your self-worth, be perceived as a leader and position yourself as the Expert in your field. The process of writing books is no longer time consuming and expensive. In this book you will find the tools, steps and actions you need to take to become an Author in 48 Hours.

  • Write A Book
  • Build Your Business
  • Change Your Life